No Commentary Necessary — "Giant Jellyfish"

Bringing back one of my favorite recurring tags from the old blog with this one: the "No Commentary Necessary" label. (Sadly, I nearly always comment, despite the claim. Kind of what I'm doing right now, actually. Some things never change.)

OK, OK. I can't help myself. Just give me a moment. First off, this is amazing because it's big. How big? Well, "the world-record holder was found dead, washed up on a beach. It had a bell over seven feet across and its tentacles were over 120 feet long. That's even longer than the blue whale." So, yeah. It's big.

Second, it's amazing because it's real. And I'd always just assumed that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made it up because he needed a villain for one of the most terrifying things I read as a youngster: "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane." (Interestingly, it's one of the only stories where Holmes himself serves as narrator, rather than the faithful Watson.)

Attribution(s): Cyanea capillata (source) made available via CC BY-SA 2.0.