"Share this freely with others to promote the love of Bach."


I love this entire idea, brought to my attention by the folks at OpenCulture and (even more directly) by the website of the wonderful classical pianist, Kimiko Ishizaka:

This is the Open Well-Tempered Clavier - RECORDING AND SCORE - set free by fans like you! The download includes a 4-page booklet with cover art, and liner notes from Kimiko Ishizaka. There are also photos taken during the recording session.

You can download this recording for free - click "Buy Now" - but you can also decide to support Kimiko Ishizaka and pay whatever you like. The recording is licensed with the Creative Commons Zero - public domain - license. Share this music freely with others to promote the love of Bach.

Amen, right? Right? (And "Behold!")

Need more? That's OK. Ishizaka's got more. The Goldbergs, to be precise.

The Open Goldberg Variations have a simple, yet ambitious goal; to create a new, beautiful and exciting interpretation, precise to Bach’s instruction, yet full of personality and character, and give it a life of its own so that it will be enjoyed by audiences for decades to come.


All tracks are provided without copyright (Creative Commons Zero). All uses permitted.


An award winning pianist, chamber musician, and athlete, Kimiko Ishizaka brings a love and devotion to the music of J.S. Bach which will thrill purists and aficionados, and make instant fans out of first-time listeners. Her contributions to the public domain are her legacy.

Attribution(s): Artwork, publicity images, and music are provided by Kimiko Ishizaka, who makes them available via a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license.