Skis of Flame

"Torched" is your Visually Stunning Video of the Day, described by Laughing Squid thusly:

In the short film “Torched,” skiers speed down a mountain in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland with rescue flares taped to their skis. The flares glow and illuminate the snow as the skiers move through the dark trails.

I don't feel that there's much to be added to that, really. Except that it's kind of hard to imagine using words alone, so let's go to the tape!

Amazing, no? There's something so dreamlike and mesmerizing about it. The music has something to do with that, surely. But the shocking contrast between the darkness and the reddish light, the occasional bursts of snow, and excellent use of slo-mo are probably the most effective bits. (Nicolas Vuignier and Jules Guarneri, the short's creators, posted a "Making Of" video, as well. It's not quite as spectacular, but still a ton of fun.)

Best part of all? It reminds me of "Afterglow," one of the "most cinematically profound ski movies ever made." (I'll be honest: that's not a category I consider with much regularity. But it's one with at least two entries in my book, now.)

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