Eerie Erie

I've wanted to use that title for forever, basically.

Now, thanks to photographer Dave Sandford, I finally can.

"A professional photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada," he's spent the past (nearly) 20 years working as a sports photographer, but he himself says that his "passion for photography was born from a love of nature and wildlife. And that's become a far more significant part of his photographic life, of late, recently leading him to "the frigid waters of Lake Erie" during the legendary Gales of November.

Here's a newspaper description:

This is Lake Erie as you’ve never seen it.
Majestic, roiling, angry, exquisite.
Eight-metre waves rising like leviathans under a red sky. Wind-sculpted liquid mountains crashing into a furious maelstrom.

And here's what that actually looks like (thanks to his Instagram page):

Attribution(s): These images are the property of Dave Sandford and are embedded via his Instagram account.