My Favorite Part of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR? That's Easy. The End Credits.

I watched the latest Marvel extravaganza for the first time (with the Elder Three Sons) on Sunday, and while it wasn't my cup of tea, I did find one thing that was in my wheelhouse:

The end credits.

No, I'm not saying that my favorite part was knowing that it was finally over, so calm down, CA:CW fans. (In fairness, I didn't love it. The ever-expanding and increasingly-populated Marvel Universe is growing wearisome for me. But I wasn't praying for it to be done.)

Also, I'm not talking about the post-credit scene, because I didn't care about that; not at all. (Why not? See the "increasingly-populated" point above). I'm talking about Sarofsky's actual credits. And their fantastic use of shadows. These:

My next favorite thing about my experience with the movie is actually a bit of a tangential one. Oh, and it's about the credit sequence, as well: the fact that a long analysis and interview with the creator(s) appeared on The Art of the Title yesterday.

It's great fun and very illuminating and you should checketh it out.

For this specific case, the shadows are illuminating a fact about [the character]. It’s giving you something deeper about them, some kind of insight into the character, and it’s literally on broken ground which is what happened to the Avengers, so there’s these cool refractions happening. In terms of the technique though, people have seen and done shadows all the time, since early filmmaking.
Attribution(s): All video, artwork, and stills are the property of Walt Disney Pictures and Sarofsky.