Today's Reminder That In Writing (And In Life), It's Often The Little Things That Make The Biggest Difference

Here's a little thing -- a single word; a mere five letters and a pair of parentheses -- that takes a downright historical oddity and makes it into an unquestionable bit of comedic genius:

Sadly, it looks to me like the good (and serious) folks at Wikipedia have "fixed" both the "(right)" and the "indifferent," but it's amusing none the less. And it pointed me to a fascinating historical footnote. (Truthfully, how could anything that involves both bagpipes AND penguins be anything but fascinating?) The incident in question comes from the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, described here by the good (and still serious) Wikipedia folks:

On 9 March 1904 Scotia reached its most southerly latitude of 74°01'S. At this point, the ship was held fast in the pack ice, and the prospect loomed of becoming trapped for the winter. It was during this period of inactivity that bagpiper Gilbert Kerr was photographed serenading a penguin.
Attribution(s): "Penguin and Piper" by William S. Bruce (source) via The Royal Scottish Geographical Society is in the Public Domain (and provided by Wikipedia).