And Now, For Something Not Quite Entirely Different (Because Christmas, Still) But Pretty Close To Entirely Different (Because RHCP)

No, not those RHCP's (Red Hot Chilli Peppers); the other ones. You know, the bagpiper ones.

...wait. Let me explain.

I actually happened across this song (and group) quite by accident. Started with George Michael (because I was trying to figure out who he was). Moved to Queen (because that happens pretty much any time I listen to British pop music). Got stuck there for a bit, because my mind cannot actually process Freddy Mercury's voice (even when Bowie's involved).

That led, naturally, to Jack Black (because he helped some American Idol guy who was definitely no Mercury cover "Fat Bottomed Girls" once, and I like watching Jack Black do his thing). And from there, it was off to the School Of Rock reunion concert (which was essentially a "not-terribly-interesting-musically" return to a really fun and off-the-wall little film).

Then, I saw an official music video for "FBG" and RHCP on the right. Clicked, only to discover that it was most definitely NOT what I was expecting. Because the "P" in RHCP was not for "Peppers," but "Pipers." And that, one click later, led us straight back to Christmas.

Attribution(s): Cool photo of an unrelated (but Christmas-y) bagpiper comes from Flickr's "Thumeco" via Visualhunt/CC BY-NC-ND