Puccini's "Dormas," Addendum

Following up on yesterday's lengthy (and ridiculously fun to research) post on a wide range of performances of Puccini's famous "Nessun Dorma" aria from "Turandot," here are a couple of additional suggestions from my faithful, long-suffering readers.

First, Richard Tucker:

Nect, Giuseppe Di Stefano:

Jonas Kaufmann:

José Cura.

Oh, and Aretha.

Interestingly, I ran into some trouble trying to hunt down a version from famed German tenor, Fritz Wunderlich (chosen for inclusion partially because I love his name so much).

Sadly, I was unable to find a hashtagged version of Wunderlich to include in this followup.

Relatedly, I discovered that it's not terribly easy to find versions from many classic German performers. Not because there are no available recordings, but because they're frequently not evenin Italian; they're in German. And the German sounds incredibly weird, especially after listening to so many Italian versions in such quick succession. (I could probably get get used to it, though. Especially if Rudolf Schock was involved, because his tone is just wonderful.)

Attribution(s): "Marcello Giordani as Calàf in Franco Zeffirelli's version (source) is available via CC BY-NC-ND. Sadly, I can only find this abbreviated clip.span>