Chemistry Is Fast!

"The dye? Well...that just makes it look pretty."

So, here's a little life-hack that might be unique to my family (though I seriously doubt it):

If you need to know where you put/hid the matches, just ask David (Son #4). He'll know. And he'll probably be able to tell you how many are left unspent. And if you ask very nicely and without a hint of recrimination? He can certainly tell you how many of them he struck himself. (In fairness, this is more closely tied to David of the Past than to Present David. He has done a great job of curbing his innate pyromaniacal tendencies in recent years.)

All of which brings me -- somewhat inexplicably, I realize, and with the great assistance of Laughing Squid -- to these videos of  matches burning in super slo-mo. (Also, I'm not sure what "Summertime" has to do with any of this. But I'm not complaining.)

"Chemistry is fast!"

Towards the end, she mentions the folks over at UltraSlo, from whence came the original clip. So I hunted it down, of course, and it is so very, very COOL! ...and now I probably know where David gets it from. (SIGH.)

Photo via Visual Hunt