A Marvelous Mountain Image For Your Mid-Week Mood

OK, so maybe your mood's fine. Good for you.

But mine's often a bit messy right about Wednesday, and this week's time-change-induced malaise is particularly bad.

Here. This should help.

Composure by Michael Blanchette on 500px.com

That image comes from Michael Blanchette, a "New England photographer specializing in landscapes." And while it features a few of my favorite photographic things -- mountains, and reflections, and reflections of mountains -- it's the incredible vibrancy of the red shack that really sticks out at me. (Blanchette says that "red is the most common paint" used "on the island of Austvagoya in the Lofoten archipelago of Norway." And it's devastatingly effective.)

Here's another.

Red on Blue by Michael Blanchette on 500px.com

And another, because they're so much fun.

Red Cabins by Michael Blanchette on 500px.com

And one more, just because. (Feel better yet?)

Red Shack on Fjord - Panorama by Michael Blanchette on 500px.com

Attribution(s): All images and stills are the property of Michael Blanchette and are embedded from his 500px page, which describes him work as "Awesome." That seems entirely accurate, so please check his stuff out!