Paul Johnson's Fascinating "Landthropologic: Earthworks In Motion"

Thanks to the folks at Colossal, I have a new word to think about today: "landthropologist."

I also have an example of it -- Paul Johnson -- which is great, because without an example, I'd probably be unable to figure out what it actually means. (I'm still not quite sure that I know what it means, to be honest. But just keep swimming, I say...)

A collection of earthworks in motion made in 2015. All locations are within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Elapsed time for each stop motion clip is around 1 to 2 hours. Music Clip: "Strange" by Hidden Orchestra. Shot with remote triggered Nikon D600 and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here's Colossal again, with a description of what you're actually seeing:

Filmed in various nature preserves, parks, and wildlife refuges around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, each animation involves the careful placement of sticks, snow, ice, light, and rocks to create moving geometric formations. We’ve seen a number of animated land art pieces here on Colossal, but Johnson’s precision and ingenuity really set these apart.
Attribution(s): All artwork, images, and stills are the property of Paul Johnson whose Instagram and Tumblr accounts are super-great, as well.