Today's Short? An Egg, A Girl, And Just Enough Backstory To Make It All Work.

Today's short is a perfect example of one of the things I most love about a really well-made short film: It jumps right into a fantastical, mythological world, hits the ground running, and never looks back. It doesn't over-explain or slow things down with (almost always) unnecessary backstory. And it trusts its story (and its audience), figuring that the former is simple enough and the latter smart enough to make it all work.

I really love the Mary Norton vibe here. (And I really love that a "typha" is a cattail.)

Typha, a young girl living in a miniature village is chosen by her people to accomplish the rite of renewal : She has to bring the egg of life to the forest spirit before he passes away.
Attribution(s): Artwork, publicity images, and stills are the property of Yoann Oignet, Thomas Landrein, Aurélie Gomez, and Jonas Genevaz.