Mark O'Connor's Fiddle Concerto Is Great, But You Don't Need To Take My Word For It. Not Any More.

I distinctly recall loudly lamenting the lack of readily-shareable recordings of the legendary Mark O'Connor's wonderfully-fun Fiddle Concerto any number of times in the not-too-distant past. (Longtime readers of ST,ST will doubtless know that I tend to harp and to expound on the same small batch of things, but I'm just trying to help newer readers to keep up.)

I returned to YouTube frequently, always hoping for a solution to this particularly painful problem. But as the days, weeks, months, and years wore on, I became desensitized to the pain. That's no excuse, I realize. Still, it helps to explain how it is that I never thought to check back on the project when YouTube started this whole Hashtagged Music Video phenomenon.

Now that I've remember that particular little tool in my blogger's toolbox, though, I've got some really great news: IT'S THERE! But rather than talking about it, let's just go and immerse ourselves in its mellifluous genius, shall we?

Attribution(s): "Fiddle" by Barbara.K via / CC BY-NC-ND