I Have Nothing To Say Today

But I have something for you to look at, thanks to photographer Allard Schager. (This and subsequent images are all from the "Breathtaking Images" section of 500px.com. Definitely seems like the right adjective to use, if you ask me.)

15 Seconds of Bixby by Allard Schager on 500px.com

Here's another, courtesy of Jure Kravanja.

Light by Jure Kravanja on 500px.com

Yet another, from Marco Götze.

Landmannalaugar I by Marco Götze on 500px.com

And one more for humor, from photographer Dmitry Marchenko. Definitely a bit less landscape-y/more "Crush from Finding Nemo-ish."

*** by Dmitry Marchenko on 500px.com

Attribution(s): All artwork, publicity images, and stills are the property of their respective owners, who provided embeddable versions via 500px.