"...the weird is what baseball needs."

A great piece from Grant Brisbee on MLB's proposed rule change regarding intentional walks:

If the goal is to prove baseball isn't boring, intentional walks run counter to that goal.
But the weird is what baseball needs. ...The sport's future has a lot more to do with kids realizing that baseball is a progressive jackpot that builds and builds. Sometimes the jackpot is a pitcher home run at just the right time. Sometimes the jackpot is the first triple play you've ever seen live. And sometimes the jackpot is watching a professional pitcher who can't throw four baseballs just to the side of home plate.
Some boring would be shaved off the game. But it would take way too much weird with it. 

Well said, Mr. Brisbee; well said. Basically, we all need a baseball world where this happens:

Attribution(s): "Funny Fans" from MCAD Library via Visualhunt.com /CC BY.