This Post Is Not A Trap. But It's About A Trap. Sort Of.

From Jamie Stangroom's YouTube channel (via Laughing Squid), the story of the legendary Erik Bauersfeld. Or should we say "the story of Erik Bauersfeld, whose voice work became legendary (even though most people probably don't know his name):"

In August, 2015, I spoke to legendary radio dramatist Erik Bauersfeld for BBC Radio. Armed with my own camera crew (my mate Vince!), I shot an additional interview with the great man about his time voicing Star Wars characters Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna.
Star Wars kind of happened by accident for Erik, and he recorded his lines too late to be credited in The Return of The Jedi, so it wasn't until his latter years where the fans figured out that he was the voice behind the iconic "IT'S A TRAP!," and convention appearances all around the world swiftly followed. During the interview, Erik played around with the Admiral's most famous line by performing it in different styles. Sadly, Erik passed away in April, 2016, at the age of 93.

Voice actors are the best, pretty much. And charming old voice actors who are behind some of the most iconic phrases of all time yet who feel that their favorite part of being famous is the opportunity to interact with all their fans are even better than the best.

Seriously, who could watch that and not love Mr. Erik Bauersfeld at the end of it? (OK, so maybe this post was a bit of a trap, after all.)

Attribution(s): "Ackbar and Co." by Reiterlied via Visualhunt (CC BY-NC-SA).