Assassinations, Umbrellas, And The Inescapable Weirdness Of Reality

When a legendary documentarian (the great Errol Morris) makes a short film (for the NY Times' "Op-Doc" project) in which he analyzes one of the most famous films of all time (the Zapruder film), we end up with something captivating, as you'd expect. But what you might not expect is that The Umbrella Man would turn out to be a mostly meditative piece exploring the idea that almost any historical event that we examine as closely as we've examined Kennedy's assassination will produce an astonishing array of weirdness.

If you put any event under a microscope, you will find a whole dimension of completely weird, incredibly things going on.
Attribution(s): "Watery Umbrellas" comes from someone known as Dyfnaint via BY-NC-ND.