Try And Watch Today's Short In A Nostalgia-Induced Haze. That's What I Did.

"Music Land." Still good (says my inner child). Still (easily) my favorite "Silly Symphony."

The lore of ancient fable has no equal to the jolly Land of Jazz,
Which lay within a wild, discordant sea, across the way from long-hair Land of Symphony.
Yet here you'll find no mere Shakespearian sequel (though true folly still it has):
Our star-cross'd lovers bravely face adversity, and true love turns cacophony to harmony!

This Austin Chronicle piece makes an interesting point, making me wonder if perhaps there's a little bit more than my nostalgia-laden, 6-year-old-boy-on-Saturday-morning recollections at play in my attachment to this one.

"Music Land" features dancing ukuleles, bootlickin' music stands, and a metronome doing duty as a coxswain. It is the first glimpse, as well, of a critical aspect of animating inanimates: how to use an object's structural particulars -- the tuning peg on a cello, the mouthpiece on a saxophone -- to best effect.

To this day, the pitched (heh) battle between the two islands is one of my very favorite (animated) things. I still don't like jazz, though, so maybe it was not an unqualified success.

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