Last Week, The Royal Society Announced The Winners Of Their 2016 Publishing Photography Competition. Check It Out, Because It's Great.

Despite the fact that it describes itself as both "a Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists" and as "the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence," I'm not sure I've ever heard of The Royal Society before today.

I'm paying attention now, though. because the winners of their 2016 photography competition are hard to ignore. (I'm including the video sampler below, just to whet your appetite a bit. Be sure to click on through to the contest site and feast your eyes to your heart's content.)

We invited scientists and alike to submit their best biological photographs to the 2016 Royal Society Publishing photography competition, and it’s safe to say they all exceeded our wildest expectations.
From an octopus beneath the sea, to mayflies in the sky, insects camouflaged against the leaves of a tree, Velella velella stranded on a beach and the microscopic image of a seed pod, we received over 1000 entries across dozens of countries demonstrating biological phenomena in a range of environments. 12 finalists were eventually selected and their works are presented here.
Attribution(s): All images and stills are the property of The Royal Society and all photographers and creators.