Finding And Nurturing Life Among The Lifeless

I love this Great Big Story piece on Canadian photographer/"explorer" Leslie Muir. She loves to explore (and photography) old, abandoned buildings because she loves to discover the stories they have to tell, often through their emptiness. (These old places are never really abandoned, right? Because the memories of their pasts are always there; a place that has housed so much life can never be truly lifeless.)

Sometimes, though, they're not even lifeless in the "traditional" sense.

For explorer Leslie Muir, every abandoned building has a backstory waiting to be told through photographs. One day, while exploring what she thought was an abandoned house, she met Lawrence, the home’s lone resident. Alone and in poor health, Lawrence needed medical attention. Instead of turning away, Muir got Lawrence the care he needed and the two have since become close friends.

Gosh, that's awesome.

Here's a link to a series of her Instagram posts about Lawrence, compiled into a single story.

Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Great Big Story; "Happy Image of Lawrence" is embedded from Leslie Muir's Instagram page.