Editing To The Sounds Of The Smithy

I've been doing a stretch of video editing at work over the last few days, so I've been listening to a bit of the ol' harpsichord. I'm not quite sure why the harpsichord lends itself so perfectly to "structured-yet-non-intrusive" music; I just know that it does, and perfectly. And since that's the very kind of music I like to use while editing -- video or written word, actually -- it's been on nearly non-stop.

Given that I have written at length of my appreciate for the performances of Sir Trevor Pinnock and of my love for François Couperin's "Les Barricades Mistérieuses" and for Georg Friedrich Händel's "The Harmonious Blacksmith," it's probably not a huge surprise that my "go-to" recording this time around was Pinnock's "The Harmonious Blacksmith" CD (which features both of those works).

I was (previously) unfamiliar with the Balbastre, but it's really growing on me. And the Italian Concerto is, of course, a masterwork. Enjoy!

Attribution(s): "Jacks with leather plectra in function" provided by Nemossos via Visual hunt/CC BY-SA.