Pixar's Breadcrumbs

So, this one's been making the rounds for a few weeks now, and the pop-cultural phenomenon it's referencing -- the "Single Pixar Universe" theory -- is quite a bit older than that.  But I'm sharing it all the same, because it's awesome and if I get a single person to watch it who has not yet seen it, it will have been worth all the pain and effort.

Also, yes. This isn't really a confirmation of the SPU theory; more of a "we have a ton of time on our hands because ANIMATION IS INCREDIBLY TIME-CONSUMING, so we're constantly coming up with these kinds of Easter Eggs and putting them in our huge blockbusters." That's why I think "breadcrumbs" is a better descriptor than most of the headlines that are flying breathlessly around. But even though it's not an actual "confirmation" of the Unified Pixar Universe, it's still awesome. You'll see. (When you're done with this one, it's probably time to start thinking about Classroom A113 again. Because that's awesome, too.)

Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Pixar Animation Studios and Disney, pro'lly.