Someone Made A Complete Transcription Of Basil Poledouris' CONAN Score For Pipe Organ

It is awesome. (Seriously, though. What else did you expect, O ye of little faith?)

Director and co-writer John Milius’s intention with the 1982 adventure Conan the Barbarian was to create an opera in the form of film. With its power, energy and moments of tenderness, Basil Poledouris’ music supports the storyline in a similar way to a work written for the stage. The superb Glatter-Götz/Rosales organ in Claremont, California was designed to inspire creativity and innovation, and Philipp Pelster’s vision in making a complete film-score transcription especially for the unique possibilities of this instrument transforms the orchestral colours of the original to generate a completely new and richly rewarding musical experience.

Also, it's streaming in its entirety on YouTube. Yes, indeed. And my work here is done!!!

Attribution(s): "Pipes" by Jan van der Wolf via BY-NC-SA.