When My Classical Music And Cinematic Worlds Collide

I've written of Ola Gjeilo in the past (here and here). His stuff is great.

I've written of Jeff Nichols in the past (here). His stuff is also great.

Earlier this week, as I was worked my way through David Wingo's moody and musically-fascinating score for Nichols' shockingly unappreciated Midnight Special, I noticed that Gjeilo's name was included in the track listing for the final cut, "Marshland."

There's plenty of Wingo's (trademark?) digital manipulation and distortion going on in there, right? And it features the subtle undercurrent of hope (musically) that makes the film's finale so endearing (cinematically). And I think it's especially effective following upon the general unease of the film's (cinematic and melodic) themes. But is there anything else in there that you recognize? Like the Kyrie from Gjeilo's Sunrise Mass, perhaps? ("Objection, your honor! Leading the witness!" "Sustained.")

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