Today's Gorgeous Short Features An Unlikely Pairing Of Animals

Raise your hand if you were thinking of a short that features a fox and a whale. (And then put your hand down. It's not nice to tell fibs.)

This one's called Fox And The Whale, and it's a really wonderful bit of animation. Robin Joseph, its creator, has combined some impressively photorealistic images and backdrops with an entirely unrealistic (but charming) fox on a guest for an elusive whale—a metaphor, perhaps, of its search for something else? (And by "perhaps," I mean "darn tootin'.")

It takes a while to get going, and once it does, it's doesn't seem entirely clear on where it's going. But if you can put up with a bit of drift and just go along for the ride, you're sure to enjoy its really stunning visuals. (I love the Miyazaki homage, of course. Also, I think Joseph's article choice is very intentional, and I love that, as well.)

The tale of a curious fox who goes in search of an elusive whale. A journey of pursuit and longing.
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