This "Still Stuntin'" Video Is Great, Great Fun

I'm not saying I enjoyed this Great Big Story snippet as much as their longer, more powerful The Gnomist, but it was pretty darn close. (Different tone, for sure. Not as wistful or "feel-good-y," perhaps, but a real blast, all the same.)

You keep on doing you, Rocky.

He’s been in over 14 Bond films, set sail (and sunk) aboard the Titanic, and swashbuckled alongside Indiana Jones. With a career spanning 54 years, Rocky Taylor has lived the adventures most of us only see on screen. He’s the oldest working stuntman in England, and he’s got the Guinness Record to prove it. And despite a near death experience on the movie “Death Wish 3,” Rocky has no plans to quit any time soon. He’ll be stuntin’ till the very end.
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