I'm Not Sure I've Thought About "Low Earth Orbits" Before, But They're Definitely Worth Noticing

The video's kind of a one-trick pony, I suppose, but it's quite a trick. A bit vertigo-inducing, at times, and the (mostly) lack of horizons struck me as a bit strange, as well. But those are mild criticisms, really, because the end-product is really cool to watch.

A bit of background:

Orbital drone movements are the ones with power to convert two dimensional images into dancing focal layers escaping out of the frame. We wanted to further explore the technique, with high altitude long orbits, along with ones very close to the ground, we call them "Orbital drone-lapses". These shots are a mix of automatic and manual flights.
Low Earth Orbit is a zone between earth's surface and 2,000km, where we find most of our satellite system orbiting around our planet, together with the international space station.
Attribution(s): All video and stills are the property of Visual Suspect.