Today's Streaming Video Suggestion (SVS) Is An Amazing Iranian Film About Goldfish. And Sneakers.

Yes, Majid Majidi's wonderful Children of Heaven is much more obviously about sneakers than it is about goldfish. But I'm pretty sure the goldfish (and the various water sources that crop up throughout the film) are just as metaphorically important. It's much more light-hearted and far easier to stomach than the other fantastic film I've seen from Majidi, the wrenching (yet wonderful, in its own way) The Color of Paradise, yet it displays the same immersive "fly-on-the-wall" approach, the same extraordinary social and cultural nuances, and an absolutely astonishing set of child actors.

Children is currently available on TUBITV (which has the drawback of making you sit through a few commercials as you watch and the upside of being otherwise free).

When young Ali accidentally loses the only pair of shoes his little sister Zahra owns, the siblings attempt to hide the bad news from their poverty-stricken father and ill mother. They devise a scheme to share Ali's own pair of worn sneakers until they can find a new pair of shoes for Zahra.
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