"Padre" Is A Slow, Subtle, And Devastating Account Of A Little Girl's Lost Dreams

There are plenty of wrenching moments in this one: the sorrowful little way she holds her hands as she walks to and fro in her little apartment; the symbolism of the vase and the pigeons; the tolling of the enormous clock and the way she instantly notices its silence; the clever-yet-subdued way it uses photographs to give us backstory; and that devastating dolly zoom. And the final few frames just might feel like a punch in the stomach. I realize that it's yet another short film about the effects of memory and death in (and on) our lives—I keep stumbling across these topics, don't I?—but it's powerful and wonderfully-made made.

Day by day, the daughter of an elder military commander takes care of her bedridden father. The dictatorship has come to an end in Argentina, but not in this woman’s life.
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