Today's Streaming Video Suggestion (SVS) Is A Movie About A Pig. And It's Great.

At the beginning of each month, the Streaming Powerhouses (meaning Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime, mostly) unveil a significantly larger number of additions than they do on any other day of the month. So selecting the first recommendation of the month is always a bit of a challenge; the Best and Worst of Times. After the painful process of paring things down, I'm left the Cream of the Crop; my favorite selection from a veritable embarrassment of riches.

Passing over The Third Man nearly brought me to tears, but I consoled myself that I could always use it later in the month. The ability to recommend either one of the two Sabrinas amused the completest in me, but I kept walking. My nearly-favorite sports movie, Hoosiers, was tempting, as well, but not enough for me to pull the trigger. And while I felt a bit uncomfortable about ignoring Finding Dory (which I couldn't recommend anyway, because I haven't seen it), I think this one will be universally popular with any/all age brackets.

Yes, that's right. I'm saying that I love Babe more than any of the many options made available today. It's beautifully shot (by PJ-conspirator and eventual Oscar-winner Andrew Lesnie), cleverly acted (especially by Cromwell and Weaving), and if the Hoggett Dancing scene doesn't make you smile, you probably never will.

Added bonus? Hands down the best mouse-voiced re-purposing of the bombastic finale of Camille Saint-Saëns's “Organ Symphony” ever. And it features one of the most-quoted (and most-beloved) movies lines the Susanka Horde has ever used: "That'll do, pig. That'll do."


The inspirational story of a shy Yorkshire piglet who doesn't quite know his place in the world. But when Farmer Hoggett wins him at the county fair, Babe discovers that he can be anything he wants to be - even an award-winning sheepdog! With the help of a delightful assortment of barnyard friends, the heroic little pig is headed for the challenge of his life.
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