Today's Animated Short Is Charmingly, Unaggressively Meta, In A "Duck Amuck-y" Kind Of Way

While searching 'round for legal copies of the recently-nominated Academy Award animated shorts to share -- a hunt as challenging as ever -- I stumbled across this charming, hand-drawn offering from Alicja Jasina (whose Once Upon A Line was getting a fair bit of buzz leading up to the announcement of the final short list).

She didn't make the cut (and I can't find a full-length, legit version of her awarded work to share), but this one, The Light Bulb, is available through her Vimeo page. And it certainly suggests that she'll be back; lots of talent on display, and a charm that somehow sidesteps the sarcasm that could engulf this sort of idea if one were not careful.

The theme of ‘The Light Bulb’ is a process of creation of a short film. It is about a struggle of a student who is not able to convey his original idea to the tutors who constantly interfere in the process. As such, it is also about the transformation of a protagonist - a stickman - and his personal path towards independence and integrity.
Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Alicja Jasina.