My #LentInMusic, 2017 (Day 14)

"It Is Finished," from Michael John Trotta's setting of the "Seven Last Words." His site calls it a "seven-movement choral journey through the Passion," and it's described as "a magnificent example of a unique compositional voice that acknowledges and includes tradition."

The orchestration gives it a dramatically different feel than most of the stuff I shared so far, and I hear that strange mixture of cinematic and traditionally-sacred sounds that crops up in the work of other contemporary composers (such as Ola Gjeilo). It's really fascinating to me, because they seem so much more ...democratic in their influences. (Oh, and here's the entire #MyLenInMusic playlist to date.)

It is finished!
Darkened was the sun
Darkness covered the earth
Torn was the viel
The earth did quake
All of the graves were opened wide!
Truly this man was the son of God.
Cosummatum Est
obscuratus est sol
tenebræ factæ sunt in universam terram velum templi scissum est
terra tremuit
monumenta aperta sunt
“Vere filius dei erat iste.”
Attribution(s): "Glockenspiel Bells" by cocoparisienne (via the Visualhunt site).