My #LentInMusic, 2017 (Day 20)

Time for my annual musical frustration: trying to find music in honor of the Feast of St. Joseph. Today, I was saved by the previously-unheard (by me, at least) 18th-century Hungarian composer, Benedek Istvánffy, and his "Te Joseph Celebrent." Great stuff, but I've never even heard of Istvánffy before. Fitting, really, given that St. Joseph is strangely obscure, as well. (And here's the playlist, of course.)

Te, Joseph, celebrent agmina caelitum
Te cuncti resonent christiadum chori
Qui clarus meritis junctus et inclytae
Casto foedere Virgini.
Let the hosts of heaven celebrate you, Joseph,
Let all the choirs of Christendom resound you
who, famous for your merits,
was joined to the glorious Virgin in chaste wedlock.
Attribution(s): "Glockenspiel Bells" by cocoparisienne (via the Visualhunt site).