It Feels Like A "Wallace And Gromit" Kind Of Day, So Here Are All Ten Of Their "Cracking Contraptions" Shorts

Thanks to Aardman Animations' officially-sanctioned Wallace And Gromit channel on YouTube, here are all ten of the "Cracking Contraptions" shorts.

With multiple Academy Awards under their belt, Wallace and Gromit are one the of the best-loved comic double-acts in the world. Fans of their TV specials and feature films will not want to miss these rarely-seen short films, each of which introduces a new invention from Wallace intended to make everyday life a little easier such as the Autochef, the Soccamatic, and the Snoozatron. Predictably enough, these mini-masterpieces never perform quite as expected, and it is down to Wallace's long-suffering dog Gromit to pick up the pieces.
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