My #LentInMusic, 2017 (Day 9)

Today's selection, "Crux Fidelis," comes from the 31-year-old Polish composer, Mateusz Dębski. I posted this same YouTube video a few years back when I stumbled across the piece during My #LentInMusic, 2015, but I'm still really struck by it. Powerful stuff. (And playlist.)

Crux fidelis, inter omnes
arbor una nobilis:
nulla silva talem profert,
fronde, flore, germine.
Dulce lignum, dulces clavos,
dulce pondus sustinet. 

Faithful cross, above all other,
One and only noble tree:
None in foliage, none in blossom,
None in fruit thy peer may be.
Sweetest wood and sweetest iron,
Sweetest weight is hung on thee!
Attribution(s): "Glockenspiel Bells" by cocoparisienne (via the Visualhunt site).