Music To Edit By

The last few days (and the next few days) are editing days, which means that I almost changed the title of this post to say "Music By Which To Edit," so as to avoid the preposition. (I resisted, though, so "You're welcome," I guess?)

It also means that I've been looking for music, which is often the most-essential element in my editing—or writing, come to think of it. And I found this. (I can't be the only person who likes to edit to French Baroque dance music, can I?)

If you're looking for a single track to give you an overall flavor for the music wafting through my headphones at present, this brace of gavottes from Rameau's "Les Fetes D'Hebe" is highly representative (and a great deal of fun). The faster dance forms are definitely more to my liking (especially during editing, for some reason), but there's no need to skip the slower ones as they wander by, gently.

The whole playlist's a "Must Listen" really.

Attribution(s): "Rameau, Writing" by Louis Carrogis Carmontelle (Source) is in the public domain via Wikipedia.