Today's Short Is A Bit Of A Marvel, Both Stylistically And Technically

It's actually the first of a series of French shorts called "Mr. Carton." Sadly, Episodes #3-12 bring up the dreaded "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" warning over on YouTube. But the first two -- "Direction" and "Collision" -- are definitely enough to give you the flavor I'm interested in highlighting today.

Basically, "Mr. Carton's" the perfect title, because everything looks like it's been cut from (and is taking place in a universe made of) cardboard boxes. And the way the filmmakers achieved this unique look is almost as much fun as the shorts themselves. Almost.


The series has now been out for just over a month in France (it’s geo-locked online to that country, although two episodes are available to watch from anywhere). Overseas releases are planned and Bolufer is also hoping to produce a second season and a game.
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