So, All Twenty-Six Volumes Of C. P. E. Bach's Solo Piano Works (Minus Volume Thirteen) Should Keep You Busy For A While, Right?

I recently discovered that all 26 volumes of pianist Ana-Marija Markovina's interpretations of the Complete Solo Piano Works of C. P. E. Bach existed on YouTube. Naturally, I created a playlist. It's 614 tracks long, and also, you're welcome.

The only fly in my ointment? The fact that Volume 13 was not to be found, for reasons that entirely escape me but make my OCD, Completest self super-duper crazy. That's probably a FWP, though, right? (Oh, one other teeny-tiny fly: You can only play 200 videos consecutively on YouTube. So if you want all 614, you have to click through to the playlist itself.)

Take it away, Ana-Marija!

Attribution(s): Flötenkonzert Friedrichs des Großen in Sanssouci ("Frederick the Great's Flute Concert in Sanssouci") by Adolph Menzel (source) via Wikipedia.