Wherein Cormac Makes Up A New Word (And It's Pretty Much Perfect)

Recently, Cormac (Son #6) and I were chatting about his younger brother, Nathan (Son #7). Cormac can be a bit of a non-stop-talker, so I might not have been listening with 100% of my hearing (or attention), but I sat up and took note when Cormac told me that "Nathan was very extracted this morning."

OK, so that's not a new word, strictly speaking. But even in my "moderately-attentive" state, it made no sense, given that we were discussing Nathan's (earnest, if flawed) efforts to wash our 15-passenger van with a red, water-filled Solo® cup and a Magic Eraser. And despite my active (even when mildly-distracted) imagination, I could not come up with an instance where "extracted" applied to this situation.

...until Cormac explained that it was a mixture of "excited" and "distracted." And then, I realized that it was pretty much perfect.

Attribution(s): This is mine. I made it.