This Time-Travel Movie Is Leaving Netflix In Late September, So You'd Better Watch It While You Still Can

After spending (quite a bit) more time than I'd care to admit attempting to make a clever joke about this film's title, I'm left with nothing but the vague feeling that I've tried (and miserably failed) at this very task some time in the past. So here's the name and a few details, instead. See if they pique your interest.

Déjà Vu, on NETFLIX INSTANT for a few more weeks. Directed by Tony Scott and featuring an "All-Star" castDenzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Paula Patton, Jim "Jesus" Caviezel, and Adam Goldberg, to name a fewit's not a great film, really. But it's a great film for a Friday night after a long work week; a twisty-twirly time-travel movie disguised as a flashy and (at least occasionally) clever thriller. (Or is it a flashy-yet-sometimes-clever thriller disguised as a twirling, twisting time-travel movie? I can't quite recall...)

ATF agent Doug Carlin finds himself dogged by increasingly powerful feelings of déjà vu as he investigates a bombing on a New Orleans ferry
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