My #LentInMusic, 2018 (Day 16)

One more Purcell (for now): "Lord, what is man." (Plus, PLAYLIST.)

Lord, what is man, lost man,
That Thou shouldst be so mindful of him?
That the Son of God forsook his glory, His abode,
To become a poor, tormented man!
The Deity was shrunk into a span,
And that for me, O wound'rous love, for me.
Reveal, ye glorious spirits, when ye knew
The way the Son of God took to renew lost man,
Your vacant places to supply;
Blest spirits tell,
Which did excel,
Which was more prevalent,
Your joy or your astonishment,
That man should be assum'd into the Deity,
That for a worm a God should die.
Oh! for a quill, drawn from your wing
To write the praises of th'Eternal Love;
Oh! for a voice like yours to sing
That anthem here, which once you sung above.
Attribution(s): "Many Bells" provided by Unsplash's Igor Ovsyannykov, whose work is made available via a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license.