My Son And I Have Been Watching Miyazaki For A Couple Weeks. So Here's A Superman Cartoon. Naturally.

Actually, it makes more sense than you might think at first. Because it's the legendary Max Fleischer's legendary "The Mechanical Monsters," and if it didn't influence Miyazaki's robots in Castle in the Sky (and relatedly, probably, Brad Bird's The Iron GIant), than I am very much mistaken. And you know I hate being very much mistaken.

A band of giant flying robots has been robbing buildings in Metropolis, Lois and Clark guess the next heist will be from a jewelry exhibit. At the exhibit, when one of the robots steals the jewels, Lois climbs into a cavity with the stolen gems inside the robot, which flies away with her inside. Using his X-ray vision to locate Lois, Superman wrestles with the robot in mid-air, but the robot escapes. Now, will Superman reach the robot master's lair before Lois is lowered into a vat of molten metal?
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