Kids' Games Make Great Short Films, Apparently

Today's short is mostly just a chase film, but I really loved the way it cleverly repurposes the Rock, Paper, Scissors game of our (various) youths. And I love that it has a ton of heart. And I really love its art design, especially for Scissors. Very, very scary.

When Rock stumbles upon the magical Paper, it's love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens the well-being of Paper, Rock must stop at nothing to save what he loves most, no matter the cost. “Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors” is a student animated short film, produced at Ringling College of Art & Design. It’s our own visual representation of the children’s game, with the intent to portray the beauty and sacrifice that love creates. We hope you enjoy!
Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Garrett O'Neal, Gang Maria Yi, and Bryan Locantore.