Today's "True Life" Recommendation Was Directed by Robert Redford, Stars Ralph Fiennes, And Is Mostly Stolen By Paul Scofield And John Turturro

It remains one of the more fascinating "Based on a True Story" films, in my book.

Why? Partially because it's about a smaller, more personal story than many of its "True Life" conterparts, and partially because it's really solidly (yet unflashily) made, and that's always a plus, in my book. Mostly, though, I enjoy it because it's about the small-yet-erosive concessions so many of us are willing to make for the sake of a little fame and fortune.

It's Quiz Show, and it's streaming on NETFLIX INSTANT (and rentable from OTHERS).

Queens-born Herbie Stempel becomes an unlikely hero after winning on America's beloved game show, "Twenty One." When the network decides to bring in a more telegenic contestant, the WASP-ish Charles Van Doren , Stempel takes aim at the show, announcing that the game is rigged. Congressional investigator Dick Goodwin is brought in to examine the claim that winners were given the answers. Goodwin wrote the book on which this true story is based.
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