Today's Film Is One Of The Most Established (And Best) Members Of My "Recommend This The Very Moment It Becomes Available" List

Additionally, it's one of the most gorgeous, colorful, spectacularly-shot films I've ever seen, it's a clever re-imagining/re-purposing of Kurosawa's masterful Rashomon, and its entirely insane brand of wuxia magic is woven by an imposing cast of several generations of China's cinematic legends: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Ziyi Zhang, and Donnie Yen (to name but a few). It's visionary director Yimou Zhang's Hero (Ying xiong), and it's finally available on one of the streaming sites: Netflix's WATCH INSTANTLY, to be precise.

A nameless soldier embarks on a mission of revenge against the fearsome army that massacred his people. To achieve the justice he seeks, he must take on the empire's most ruthless assassins and reach the enemy he has sworn to defeat.
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