Like "The Hire" From A Few Weeks Back, "Le Fantôme" Is A Car Commercial. But Like "The Hire," It's Also Quite A Bit More.

A couple weeks ago, my "Summa Short Film (SSF)" post centered around the latest, greatest installment of "The Hire," a series dedicated to showcasing the acting and driving chops of Clive Owen, and trying its best to sell everyone BMWs.

This week, we're selling Fords. With Mads Mikkelsen and mystery and oodles of muted and mesmerizing style (and also, a less direct story sense as one might like). I could certainly get behind a series of commercial starring Mikkelsen. But then again, who couldn't?

An enigmatic stranger, a couple who no longer exist, danger in the shadows and the key to it all... The new Ford Edge.