Music To Vote By

I was having trouble figuring out what music to use for today's soundtrack. Most of what I came up with seemed either too depressing or too flippantAnd then, I thought of Berlioz's "March to the Scaffold," and realized that it was perfect. Just the right mixture of funereal sentiment and up-beat "whistling past the graveyard." Plus, there's something fundamentally defiant about it that matches my mood in the midst of today's "execution." (And isn't there something fitting about the imagery of all of us marching merrily along together on the way to this weird, public scaffold we've made of our politics over the past few months?)

It's got a bit of a lead-in, so make sure you stick around all the way to the 1:37 mark. That's when it really gets going. (And probably stick it out all the way to the grizzly finale. It'll make you laugh, and that's probably the truly best medicine for today.)

Attribution(s): "The Last Cart" by Auguste Raffet is in the public domain via Wikipedia Commons.