Meet Edouard Martinet, Scrap-Metal Sculpter And Inveterate Insectophile

"I'm often asked if I make mammals, like cats or dogs. I'm more interested in the animals people are afraid of."

That's Eduardo Martinet, a French artist who makes incredibly detailed (and sort-of-creepy) insect sculptures. Sculptures so life-like and carefully crafted and fascinating that I'd certainly find them a whole lot more interesting than cats or dogs (if I could make any of the three).

I've seen his name floating around a bit in recent months, thanks to a couple of eye-catching posts from Colossal's Christopher Jobson (and some searching that eventually led me to Sladmore Contemporary). And now, thanks to Martinet's relationship with the latter, I've got a video, as well. It's awesome-creepy.

Attribution(s): Images and stills are the property of Sladmore Contemporary and Edouard Martinet.