For Some Reason, I Find Myself Recommending A Documentary Again This Week

I really didn't plan to follow up last week's recommendation of Shakespeare Behind Bars with another documentary film. It just happened. And I'm not sorry. Because Happy People: A Year in the Taiga is about as transporting and gentle (yet quietly insane) a documentary as you'll ever see. It's available through NETFLIX INSTANT, AMAZON PRIME, HULU (with or without ads), and FANDOR. Plus, it can be rented or bought from NEARLY EVERYWHERE.

Iconic filmmaker Werner Herzog embarks on another unforgettable journey into the heart of a remote natural environment. Deep in the Siberian wilderness, leagues away from civilization, a mere 300 people inhabit the village of Bakhtia on the river Yenisei. With insightful narration by Herzog, Happy People follows a few veteran Siberian trappers through the Taiga's four seasons to tell the incredible story of a society untouched by modernity. 
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