Looking For A Bit of Distraction For Your Friday Night? How About Spending It With The Best Batman Ever?

Today, I want to be distracted. (One might even say that I need to be distracted.) So what could possibly be better than spending this Friday night with the very finest Batman portrayal ever captured on-screen?

No, I'm not talking 'bout the best Wayne ever (because that would be Nolan's). I'm talking about the best cinematic representation of the legendary Caped Crusader himself: Bruce Timm's improbably-square-jawed, Kevin Conroy-voiced, and surprisingly-nuanced and engaging Dark Knight. He's not my (or my boys') first brush with the character. But he's pretty much the family favorite.

All four seasons of Batman: The Animated Series are streaming on AMAZON PRIME. So knock yourself out. And then, if you like it (which you should), you can move on to the Timm-influenced Justice League (on NETFLIX) and Justice League Unlimited, which is actually just the last two seasons of the same show, confusingly (and is also on NETFLIX).

Sadly, our second-favorite Batman (from Batman: The Brave and the Bold) isn't readily available online. Nor is Timm's sort-of-follow-up/sort-of-interconnected Batman Beyond. But if we got everything we wanted all the time, that'd be no good. Right?

Vowing to avenge the murder of his wealthy parents, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to wiping out lawlessness in Gotham City. The Dark Knight joins Robin and Batgirl, battling his inner demons as well as the evil figures who bedevil him.
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